40 Popular Vue File Upload Component + Examples

Are you looking for Vue File Upload Component for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated Vue File Upload Component. You can use these popular Vue File Upload Component to make your web application more awesome.

Vue File Upload

Vue File Upload Component

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked Vue File Upload Component.

S.No. Name Details Popularity(Likes)
1 vue-upload-component Vue.js file upload component, Multi-file upload, Upload directory, Drag upload, Drag the directory, Upload multiple f… 2k
2 vue-file-upload vue.js ,vue-loader 上传文件,vue-file-upload,vue上传文件组件 319
3 vue-filepond A handy FilePond adapter component for Vue 1k
4 file-upload-vue handle file upload with vue 158
5 vue-dropzone A Vue.js component for Dropzone.js – a drag’n’drop file uploads utility with image previews 1.7k

6 vue-file-upload-component A simple file upload component for Vue.js. Emits events for XHR Upload Progress for nice progress bars. 235
7 vue-file-agent The most beautiful and full featured file upload component for Vue JS 390
8 vue2-multi-uploader Drag and drop multiple file uploader with Vue.js v2 and Axios 76
9 v-file-upload File upload component for vue.js 53
10 vue-simple-upload Simple File upload component for Vue.js 91
11 v-uploader A Vue2 plugin make files upload simple and easier, single file upload with image preview, multiple upload with drag a… 202
12 vue-base64-file-upload Upload files as base64 data-uris 70
13 vuetify-upload-button Vue.js component for adding a file upload button for Vuetify. 89

14 vuejs-uploader Vue multipart file uploader 53
15 vuetify-upload-btn Simple component to handle file selection 33
16 vue-upload-file a file upload component for vue. (vue文件上传组件) 34
17 laravel-file-hosting Simple application for upload and manage files with Laravel framework, Vue.js and bulma css framework. 60
18 vue-xlsx-table Not need upload, view xlsx or xls file in your browser, Supported by js-xlsx. 125
19 file-management-vuejs File Management tutorial with Laravel 5.5 on how to properly upload files via Ajax using Vue Js 38
20 askjames-s3uploader A very simple Vue.JS project showing how to upload files from a web browser to an S3 bucket. 41
21 VueLaravelImageUpload Vue js Laravel File Upload Tutorial is subject we will discuss today. We will use Laravel 5.6 as a backend and Vue js… 12
22 GenVue GenVue is a hostable, web application that lets confidential users upload and share private files. Tech stack: Net Co… 104
23 UploadFileUsingVueJs Upload Files Using VueJs and Flask 6
24 multi-file-upload-vue-laravel 5
25 vue-file-upload File upload component for Vue.js 2 7
26 vue-simple-upload a simple vue file upload component 7
27 ASP.NET-Core-FileUpload-with-VueJS-Axios Simple ASP.NET Core Project Multiple File Upload with the use of Vue.JS & Axios 6
28 vue-go-image-uploader try developing static file server & upload api 20
29 fileUpload 由青年大学习截图收集衍生出的想法,做一个帮助团支书收集大家截图等文件的服务。 6
30 vue-file-upload-demo 1
31 vue-file-upload File Upload to server using Vue 4
32 vue-sp-file-uploader A Vue.js/PnP.js based SharePoint file uploader component 4
33 vue-upload-file-to-qiniu Vue 上传图片到七牛,支持服务端 token 策略、自动上传等 2
34 vuetify-vuejs-firebaseUploader A dead simple Vue.js component to upload file to Firebase Storage 5
35 File-uploading-Vue File uploading with MEVN stack 8
36 AammuiUploader Vue Js fileuploader plugin to upload multiple files specially made for laravel. 6
37 file-upload Live project for Vue.js Amsterdam 2020 talk 7
38 Jscrambler-vueupload-server Server for the vuejs file upload service 1
39 vuecifer File upload component for Vue.js 10
40 vue2.0-file-upload 附件上传,支持android 调用手机相机功能 5

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