TOP 15 Web Designing Interview Questions & Answers

Are you looking for Web Designing Interview Questions & Answers If yes then here i have compiled some of the most popular TOP 15 Web Designing Interview Questions & Answers. Which help you during your interview session. Learning web designing is very easy and interesting you can easily learn web designing form many popular sites like w3school or youtube but most important thing is company placement which is one of the steps after the various interview process. If you have the capability to cross the interview then nobody can stop you to become a Web Design Expert. So here I have listed few important Web Designing Interview Questions that you should read before going to interview.

Question: What is external Style Sheet? How to link?

External stylesheet is a template/document/file which contains style and appearance information which can be used to link the HTML document and a large number of HTML documents can be linked using external style sheets. The file document can be linked using the LINK tag under the HEAD element. Files containing style information should have a suitable extension. For example, style.css. The proper syntax for linking the file using external style sheet is

<head><link rel =stylesheet href=”style.css” type=text/css”></head>

Question: Mention what do you mean by Responsive design on a web page?

Responsive design is an approach to building sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. It focuses on easy navigation of site with a minimum of scrolling, panning and resizing across all devices.

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS, HTML and JS framework used for developing responsive web design

Question: Is CSS case sensitive?

No, CSS is not case sensitive. CSS is case insensitive under most of its control except for document mark-up language which is beyond its control.

Question: What do you mean by CSS File? What is the use of this file?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and are used to control and manage font styles, font sizes, and website color combinations that are used in a web page. In order to retain continuity of “look and feel” throughout a website, all pages within a website will often refer to a single CSS file. The CSS file is typically contained in a separate file from the website, and the various web pages retrieve the CSS file each time a web page is displayed. CSS files make global appearance changes easy — a single change in a CSS file will mean that any pages using that CSS file will automatically display the changes

Question: Explain how can you set an image as a background on web pages?

by using following code you can use image as background.

<body background=background>

Question: How do I make a webpage that someone can simply just send me a mail by just clicking on text with subject?

We can apply this by using mailto command in an AHREF link tag given below:

<a href mailto:"[email protected]?subject=subject line"> click here to mail me</a>

Question: How to add scrolling text to my page?

Keep in mind not all browsers support scrolling text. however to do this add a tag similar to the below example.

<marquee>A scrolling text created with HTML Marquee element.</marquee>

Question: How to align pictures so that they are one above the other?

By using the align statement in the img src tag.

<img src="example.gif" align="bottom" />.

Align can also be modified as align=top, align=middle, align=centre etc.

Question: As a website specialist while using “delete” button what color would you like to prefer?

Make the Delete link/button more eye-catching by using color like Red, mainly when you need to indicate two catch one next to the other. Red is an indication of alert, with the goal that will help the client to draw their consideration.

Question: How would you differentiate between HTML tags and elements?

With HTML elements you can communicate to a browser on how to render text. At the point when encompassed by the angular brackets <> they are termed as HTML tags. Generally, the modules come in sets and include texts.

Question: In CSS when you will use CSS float?

In CSS, you would use CSS float when you want to make an element of your page be pushed to the right or left and make other elements wrap around it.

Question: What is the distinction between a bulleted list and numbered list?

Bulleted records utilize the ul tag, which remains for “unordered,” while ol is mainly used to make the ordered list.

Question: Explain how can you integrate CSS file to your webpage?

To integrate CSS file with any number of HTML files, you have to integrate the file after the tag using “Link” property.

<head><link href= "file_path/filename.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"></head>

Question: What is the significant sign that your site isn’t responsive or having issues?

Horizontal bar presence in desktop or mobile screens is the main sign that site is having responsive mistakes and will become the reason of fail check or testing device individually.

Question: Explain what is Grid system?

A grid system is a structure comprising a series of horizontal and vertical lines which intersect and used to arrange content. It is a way of providing a system that designers can work with the structure and present content. For web design beginners, it is always suggested that they use the pre-made framework for web design as they are relatively easy to use.

Question: What are the possible values for “position”?

The type of positioning used for the webpages can be determined by using “position” element. These include static, relative, fixed, inherit and absolute.

Question: What are the new media components that are incorporated into HTML5? Is canvas used as a part of HTML?

The new media components include:

<audio>, <video>, <source>, <track>, <canvas>

Question: What does the NaN function do?

Return ‘true’ if the argument is not a number.

Question: What is doctype?

It is a direction to the program to advise about the adaptation of HTML archive and how the browser should render it.

Question: Should device width have any impact on the font-size of the site content?

Indeed on desktop screens, as they generally bigger on the other hand cell phones have smaller screen sizes. The designer needs to consider the way that clients are considerably nearer to the mobile screens instead of laptop or desktop screen separately. So it is prescribed to use smaller text dimensions for the mobile screen gadgets.

Question: What is a prompt box?

A prompt box is a pop up box that allows the user to enter the required inputs. This is done by providing a text box. The prompt box can also have the OK and the cancel button to proceed with the input entered so as to execute the action.

Question: What is the difference between HTML5 and HTML?

HTML5 is the newer version of the basic HTML that includes various other properties such as placeholder, video and audio modifications, canvas, 2d and 3d images, date select function and also an added local SQL database. This also enables the webpage to reduce the use of external plugins such as Flash players or any other libraries.

Question: Is WebSQL part of HTML 5 detail?

No, numerous individuals label it as HTML 5, yet it’s not some portion of HTML 5 specification. It is based around SQLite.

Question: What is the basic difference between HTML elements and tags?

The main difference between HTML elements and HTML tags is that elements are used to communicate with the website on how to render the information. They are represented within <>, these form the HTML tags. Tags usually come in pairs and surround text.

Question: How would you scale route in Mobile Screens?

In Mobile Screens numerous alternatives are used possibly you can hide the desktop menu and utilize selectable navigation, or the well-known application sidebar type menu that is clearing a path into new sites as well.

Question: What could be the problem of the hyperlink or image is not displaying correctly?

Reasons for hyperlink or image not displaying properly are a missing quote, tag, bracket for href, alt or src text.