Zend Framework Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher + Experienced

Zend Framework Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher + Experienced
Here I have compiled some very common and most ask-able Zend Framework Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher + Experienced, We all know Zend is the very powerful PHP framework and mostly use for very big and complex applications because their vast set of security and plugins, So If you are beginner or experienced Zend developer then this post will help you to qualify technical round of Zend interview.

Question: What is the use of Bootstrap in Zend?

Apart from index if we want to do any extra configuration regarding database and other things that is done within bootstrap.

Question: How to include js from controller and view in Zend?

In view File


In Controller


Question: What is full form of CLA in Zend Framework?

Contributor License Agreement

Question: Where we set configuration in zend framework?

Se configuration in application.ini which is located in application/configs/application.ini

Question: What is Acl in Zend Framework?

Based on the zend authentication it allows the user to access certain actions.

Question: What is use of Zend front controller?

Routing and dispatching is managed in the front controller. It collects all the request from the server and handles it.

Question: How to create object of Model in Zend?

$itemObj = new Application_Model_Items();

Question: What is Zend auth?

It is used to authenticate user, for example like admin, general etc.

Question: How to create Model file in zend framework?

class Application_Model_Items extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract {
    protected $_name = "items";
    protected $_primary = "id";      

Question: How to get variable’s value from get?

$name= $this->getRequest()->getParam('name');

Question: How to Check whether form posted or not in Zend framework?

$request = $this->getRequest();
$_POST = $request->getPost();
$_GET = $request->getParams();

Question: Where is the model in ZF’s MVC implementation?

The model component can vary dramatically in responsibilities and data store from one MVC application to the next.

Question: Can we call a model in view?

Yes, you can call a model in view. Simple create the object and call the method.

Question: How to redirect to another page from controller?


Question: How to get all GET data?


Question: How can you get a module name in bootstrap file ?

$router = new Zend_Controller_Router_Rewrite();
$request = new Zend_Controller_Request_Http();
$moduleName = $request->getModuleName();

Question: What is the uses of Zend_Date

Date related processing can be done using this component.

Question: What is the uses of Zend_File_Transfer

it provides extensive support for file uploads and downloads.

Question: How to check post method in zend framework?



Question: How to change the View render file from controller?

function listAction(){

Question: What is the uses of Uses of Zend_Db

It is used to doing database related purpose in our appication.

Question: Disable Zend Layout from controller for Ajax call only?