20+ {UPDATED} HTML CSS Chat Box Designs

HTML CSS Chat Box Designs – Are you looking for HTML CSS Chat Box Designs, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked HTML CSS Chat Box Designs for you. These all are easy to use Javascript and CSS chat box that alternates between users. It is easily customizable to match your site and can be implemented in a heartbeat. You can use these HTML CSS Chat Box Designs in your next web based projects.

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HTML CSS Chat Box Designs

Following are the list of HTML CSS Chat Box Designs.

Swanky Chatbox DEMO

 Swanky Chatbox

This chat box made with angularjs and swanky UI for a chat application! It is transparent ui and also display online users right side, if you are working on group chat application and want to create custom chat then this is best Chat UI for you.- By Jackthomsonn

Draggable Chatbox DEMO

 Draggable Chatbox

A simple flat draggable chat box with a toggle search function. – By andytran


 Chat UI

This is a HTML, CSS, JS chatbox design. – By shivapandey

chatbot template DEMO

 chatbot template

– By lilgreenland

Swanky Chatbox V2 DEMO

 Swanky Chatbox V2

Swanky Chatbox is a little project I made to test out my Angular skills! This is version 2 of my Swanky Chatbox projects & boasts a lot of new features! I learnt a lot from doing this project & really enjoyed it! I hope you guys like it :D! – By Jackthomsonn

Stylish chat window design DEMO

 Stylish chat window design

Multiple chat window design (not functional) at the bottom right corner of the page. – By kh-mamun

Live Chat DEMO

 Live Chat

– By debashisbarman

Chatbox DEMO


– By villa7

Talking to a 10 year old Simulator DEMO

 Talking to a 10 year old Simulator

A small funny thing I threw together to simulate talking to a 10 year old kid on the internet! None of the language included is meant to be offensive towards anyone and is purely satire. – By Flipybitz

A Pen by Virgil Pana DEMO

 A Pen by Virgil Pana

– By virgilpana

Vue playground #2 – Chatbox DEMO

 Vue playground #2 - Chatbox

Messenger-like chatbox made using vue.js library. Features working input panel, tooltips and color changing. – By karolsw2

Show Hide Chat Box With Minimize DEMO

 Show Hide Chat Box With Minimize

– By kompiajaib

Minimal Chatbox DEMO

 Minimal Chatbox

Thats minimal chatbox. I’ll just save if for me. – By atagulalan

A Fake Chatbox DEMO

 A Fake Chatbox

A chatbox that automatically text back. – By kellper11

A simple P2P WebRTC Chat with SkylinkJS DEMO

 A simple P2P WebRTC Chat with SkylinkJS

– By temasys

Hodor Bot DEMO

 Hodor Bot

This is just a silly thing I wanted to do. Talk to hodor and he will give you some unexpected replies! – By zerratar

[CSS] Chatbox DEMO

 [CSS] Chatbox

CSS Chatbox inspired by @drehimself’s pen. Created for a course series I give at Studialis CIFAP. No flexbox, no float, no position… since this exercise is meant to be done by students who don’t know those concepts yet. – By robinllopis

Daily UI #013 – Direct Messaging DEMO

 Daily UI #013 - Direct Messaging

Text messaging application UI Design! This is just for fun – a concept design! Funny texts from Harry Potter 😛 Because I like HP hahaha – By juliepark

Responsive Dark Dashboard DEMO

 Responsive Dark Dashboard

A minimalist flat dashboard for sales / logistic data. – By Tbgse

chat UI DEMO

 chat UI

– By marinhogomes

Navvy the navigational ChatBot! DEMO

 Navvy the navigational ChatBot!

This is a chatbot I made with pure Javascript. It knows a few commands and after some commands you can answer “yes” or “no” to which it will reply – By meesrutten

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