Change Windows password without knowing current password

I come up with the another windows trick, May be you are already aware about this trick if not then this is for you, You can apply this trick on your friends or relative windows computer, Using this trick you can change your friend’s computer password without knowing his/her current password. There is a feature in windows by which you can change any windows computer password without entering user’s current password.

Follow the below steps.
Note: For applying this trick you must have to login that computer after that you’ll able to reset their password, If you want to hack windows password without login then see tutorial : Reset Windows Password With Kali Linux

Step.1: Right click on My Computer icon.

Step.2: Click on Manage option.

Step.3: In Computer Management window click on Local users and Groups => Users on left bar.

Step.4: After that you’ll able see all users of that computer. Right click on the user name to whom password you want reset forcefully.

Step.5: In the menu you’ll see first option as Set Password, Click on it.

Step.6: Then click on Proceed button.

Step.7: Finally you’ll see change password window without current password field, Here you can set new password of that user.

See attached image for reference..


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