Reset Windows Password With Kali Linux

Today i am going to show you a little hack of windows That how to reset any windows administrator password or any user. OK Let Me Hack Begins..!!
For doing this hack a coolest software package is available on internet “chntpw” which is pre- installed on Kali Linux and Backtrack.

So I am going to use kali linux to achieve this hack. Fist of all make kali linux live USB. See this tutorial to install Kali linux on pen drive
How to install and run any linux distribution from usb drive

After successful installation of kali linux, attach this usb to the computer(windows pc) which password you are going to reset. and do not forget to boot from usb. Now you are in hack world thousands of hacking software are available in this OS like Metasploit, hydra etc.

Now follow real steps.

Steps-1: Mount your windows drive in linux, To mount Windows, just click on Places and then select your drive. It will be listed by the size of the drive (for example, 50 GB).

Steps-2: Open the terminal from upper left corner.

First, you need to cd (change directories) to the right Windows directory.

Step-3: Start typing cd /media/ and then hit the Tab key, and it’ll autocomplete with the address of your mounted Windows drive.
Then type W and hit Tab again to get to either Windows (Windows 7) or WINDOWS (Windows XP). Yes, the terminal is case-sensitive, so upper- and lower-case matters!
Type S or s and hit Tab again to get System32 or system32 (again depending on whether it’s Windows 7 or Windows XP—I forget which it is for Windows Vista).
And do the same for config.

Type cd /media/name-of-your-windows-drive/Windows/System32/config or cd /media/name-of-your-windows-drive/WINDOWS/system32/config hit enter

Step-4: type sudo chntpw -u username SAM hit enter
Note: where username is your actual system username. For example, my username is rohit, it should be sudo chntpw -u rohit SAM after that hit enter.
Now you’ll see the bunch of output

After hitting Enter, you’ll see a whole bunch of terminal output.

Step-5: But this is very important part be clear

– – – – User Edit Menu:
1 – Clear (blank) user password
2 – Edit (set new) user password (careful with this on XP or Vista)
3 – Promote user (make user an administrator)
(4 – Unlock and enable user account) [seems unlocked already]
q – Quit editing user, back to user select
Select: [q] >

I strongly recommended you to choose 1st one clear password.
then hit enter

Step-6: Type y and hit Enter to confirm the changes.

Step-7: Finally you’ll see “0-OK” message, This means you have cleared all the steps successfully,

Now Reboot system, pull out usb and you will see, Window automatically login without password.

Warnings: Use this on your risk, this may cause legal violence. This is only for educational purpose.

Thanks Cheers 🙂

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