Crack zip file password using fcrackzip tool in ubuntu & kali linux

Hello Guys in this tutorial we are going to learn hacking and cracking, In white hat world penetration testing. Here you’ll learn how to crack less secure zip file password.

So next time when you create any password protected zip file do this penetrating testing on your protected zip file so that you can check , You protected file is hack-able or not.

If you are aware about Kali linux then this package already installed in kali, But don’t worry If you are not aware about kali linux i’ll tell you how to do this from your ubuntu machine.

First of all you need to install fcrackzip in your ubuntu machine. open your terminal and run below command.

sudo apt-get install fcrackzip

Check fcrackzip has been successfully installed in your system or not by running below command

fcrackzip -h

After that create a password protected zip file to run test.
I have create a simple text file name “demo.txt” and going to secure this file by password, I ran below command to do this.

zip --password 123 demo.text

Where 123 is password for file

After running this command you have password protected file now your task is to crack password of this file.

Hit below command to crack password of this file. if your file is less secure then password will be visible in your terminal.

fcrackzip -b -c 'aA1!' -l 1-10 -u

Now you can see the whole process in attached screen shot with cracked password.

The above command also work in kali linux and you don’t need to install fcrackzip in kali linux.

Hope this cool trick will help you to create a more secure zip file.

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