How to upload big website on server within 5 minute

Here i am going to introduce a little and very useful trick to upload your thousands of file on server. Most of the newbie developer still not aware about this trick. So i am here to help my newbie friends who are stuck in uploading large number of file on sever through ftp.

Some newbie developer facing problem who are not aware about this trick, Suppose you are working on the project which have 50k+ files like if you are working on any CMS and Framework there is lot’s of library files So when you try to upload these files on server it’ll take one , two or more hour to upload on sever.

So By this trick you can reduce your file uploading time till 95%

Are you ready for the trick lets start..

1. Ok suppose you have project with 50k files, First of all create .zip file of your project.

2. This zip file will convert your thousands of files into one single file.

3.After that go to your Cpanel file manager and find option to upload file.
Use ftp to upload this zip file on sever
4.Now find unzip/extract option in your Cpanel file manager and unzip your project.

See your all file has been successfully uploaded on server, Now change your db connection details to make connection from sever database.

I hope this trick will help you to reduce your file uploading time on server.