10+ CSS Custom Scroll Bar

CSS Custom Scroll Bar – Are you looking for CSS Custom Scroll Bar, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked CSS Scroll Bar Examples for you. Scrollbars are one of the critical elements of the browser UI that lets us access information that’s out of view. As such CSS has steadfastly refused to yield much in the way of letting designers style their appearance. Using CSS, however, the sky becomes in the limit, by replacing the scrollbar UI with a custom one so that You can use these CSS Scroll Bar Plugins in your next web based projects.

CSS Scroll Bar

Following are the list of CSS Scroll Bar.

Fade in and out scroll bar on div hover DEMO

  Fade in and out scroll bar on div hover

A scroll bar that fades in and out when parent div is hovered over. Wanted it to be like the scroll bar on behance.net. Also its pure CSS! – By kqlambert

Hide scroll bar Cross-browser DEMO

  Hide scroll bar Cross-browser

Hide Scroll bar cross browser – By JonAnderDev

CSS Scroll Bars DEMO

  CSS Scroll Bars

– By GhostRider

Custom Scroll Bar for Chrome DEMO

  Custom Scroll Bar for Chrome

– By MathieuRichard

AngularJS Directive: Scroll bar on top and bottom of div DEMO

  AngularJS Directive: Scroll bar on top and bottom of div

– By michaeljcalkins

Horizontal Scroll with out the scroll bar DEMO

  Horizontal Scroll with out the scroll bar

Here is an example to make horizontal scroll on a div by hiding it scroll bar with the help of jquery – By suriyag

Dynamic Dashboard Layout with CSS & jQuery DEMO

  Dynamic Dashboard Layout with CSS & jQuery

Fixed Layout with custom scroll bar. – By ravenous

Scroll Bar Fix DEMO

  Scroll Bar Fix

Came across an issue at work with the overflow auto scroll bar. It worked fine in most browsers, but on windows it not only looked ugly, but added unwanted space to the div (the container in question had a fixed width). A google search came up with little good alternatives other than the no scroll bar hack above, which can be confusing from a user experience standpoint. The content may be placed in a way though to imply more content further down. Customizing the scrollbar is another option but isn’t supported in IE or Firefox. – By ianchouinard

Webkit scrollbars DEMO

  Webkit scrollbars

A little play around styling webkit scroll bars… probably not a good idea to use these 🙂 – By tholman

Bootstrap Modal Scroll Bar DEMO

  Bootstrap Modal Scroll Bar

– By mdshohelrana

Scroll Position Indicators DEMO

  Scroll Position Indicators

Since Mac OS doesn’t always show scroll bars, I thought I’d make some little indicators to show where the user is on long pages. – By zacharyolson

Scroll bar manipulation DEMO

  Scroll bar manipulation

Changing scrollbar width on hover and scroll. – By jaflo

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