40+ [FREE] PHP Voting Script

Are you looking for FREE PHP Voting Script for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated PHP Voting Script. Those example php jquery css poll vote and survey script are proof of concept survey list that has way too much information to be humanly digestible. premium Poll Script is an awesome script that lets you run your own poll hosting site and it lets you earn a revenue by offering a premium membership. Moreover, this comes with many unique features that you will not find elsewhere. It has been built from scratch using the latest web technologies available such as PHP5, HTML5, and Bootstrap. You can use these popular PHP Voting Script to make your web application more awesome.

PHP Voting Script

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked PHP Voting Script.

  • e-Voting-with-Blockchain:- MIT license
  • OnBoard:- An extensible system to keep track of boards & commissions details, the people appointed to those groups, any legisla…
  • Pulse-Lite:- Pulse Lite is a PHP Based Voting Script which is very easy to integrate and use. A demo can be found here: http://abh…
  • php-votesmart:- A PHP library for use with the Vote Smart API.
  • telve.net:- the code that powers telve.net (The best Reddit clone)
  • online-voting-system:- This is online voting system for giving vote online . It is single page application ,mobile responsive made using HTM…
  • oopapp:- heroku cloud9 php voting app
  • E-Voting-System:- An online voting system (website) developed using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript for the front end of the website and PHP …
  • simple-mpp-election:- UTHM Student Council Voting System using PHP and MySQL
  • Voting:- PechaKucha Night Presentation PHP-based voting application and winner selection using the Schulze method

  • INTERNET-WEB-PROGRAMMING-GROUP:- A Class project for building an electronic voting system in Php and mysql as the backend language
  • Mediawiki-Voting:- Multi-criteria voting for Mediawiki
  • codeigniter-voting:- voting system php ajax tutorial
  • vota:- A PHP/Laravel application that allows user to set up an e-voting system with no hassle
  • php-voting:- Implementations of voting/election systems in PHP. Configure the candidates, cast ballots, and decide on a winner.
  • Video-Gallery:- HTML5 video gallery with voting system based on PHP and MySQL
  • revoted-project:- A basic voting system in PHP
  • minivote:- Simple PHP voting script with heatmap output
  • PHPGraphicalPoll:- Simple example code for a PHP script that writes poll data to a MySQL database, adds a cookie, and renders a 3D pie c…
  • Votix:- The advanded and secure online voting platform for the student union of ESIEE Paris

  • U3G_VoteSystem_Web:- L2 Php Vote System
  • Voting-System:- An online voting system built in php, javascript,html5,ruby and a bit of python
  • php2:- voting system
  • phpvoting:- Bkfk Voting
  • webvote:- Mobile web application (HTML5/JS) for visitor voting at home-brew competitions (including back-end SQL/PHP-based vote …
  • polls:- A Flarum extension that adds polls to your discussions.
  • php-voting:- php-voting
  • phpvote:- Voting library for PHP
  • Post-It-Voting:- A little PHP site that allows remote users to vote using the “Post-It” voting scheme
  • evote:- Simple Voting in PHP

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