How to hide a folder in windows without any software

In this tutorial i am going to show little but useful trick to hide folder in windows without any external software, Now a days even kids knows how to hide folder and how to show folder using folder option in windows, So if you try to hide folder using normal windows folder option then that method is no longer secret for your kids or friends, You have to little more smart, Here I’ll show you how to hide folder in smart way so that only you’ll find where it is.

Most of the people still using windows as primary operating system and they know the basic folder hide and show trick by just clicking on one radio button in folder option, The easiest and more secure way to make real hidden folder is to mark it as an important operating system file, Only this way window won’t display it even if explorer is set to display hidden files and folder.

Doing this trick launch CMD and run attribute command to tell windows this is an operating system file by running below command.

attrib +s +h "C:\Users\Rohit\Desktop\Secret Files"

I have created a folder called “Secret Files” in my desktop and pass full absolute path in command, So you can replace path with your folder path which you want to hide.

As soon as you run the command your secret folder will be hide like magic, no one will see your hidden folder except you.

Now if you want to see your hidden folder you have to run same command but this time add “-” sign instead of “+” sign

attrib -s -h "C:\Users\Rohit\Desktop\Secret Files"


Note: This trick will not work if someone has unchecked a option Hide protected operating system files in folder option. This gives users privilege to see all important operating system files which is not recommended by windows.

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