What is proxy server and how to open blocked websites using proxy

If you are not aware about the proxy sever then this tutorial is for you, Here you’ll learn what is proxy server and how you can use this to open blocked websites, Generally many offices schools blocked some websites like E-commerece, Social network websites (Facebook, Google+) etc. If You are not able to access these websites, You can apply proxy then you’ll able to access all blocked websites easily.

What Is Proxy Server?

Proxy server are act like middle ware between client and server, Suppose you have requested some webpage like facebook.com from client then first request go to proxy server and Proxy server send request to facebook server, And same process will repeat from server side too, Facebook server send response to proxy server and proxy server send response to you(Client).

People also use proxy server to hide himself and surf anonymously over internet.

There are mainly three types of proxy server.
1. Normal (Regular/Caching) Proxy
2. Transparent Proxy
3. Reverse Proxy

If you want to lean more about proxy please google it..

Unlocking blocked websites

1. Configure Proxy setting manually

For unlocking blocked website on your network you can easily configure proxy server setting on your browser, each browser has proxy setting, you can easily find free open proxy from google search and put the proxy server ip and port in your browser proxy setting.
In mozilla goto Preferences=>Network and click on setting and choose Manual Proxy Configuration option and enter proxy server IP and Port Number, Then click on OK button.
If you are newbie and having trouble to find and configuration good and working proxy server, Then you can use two awesome software package on windows for proxy.

2. Tor Browser

Download : https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en
It is a proxy browser, You can download this software and install in your window pc and use as normal browser, But it has one extra feature by which you can easily access blocked website on your network that is proxy. it has per-configured proxy setting so you don’t need to work hard to find out proxy server manually.

3. Ultra Surf

Download: http://ultrasurf.us/
It is another software package, It is quite easy to configure, you don’t need to install just download and open it, it automatically set proxy for all your browser and access all blocked website on your all browser, It is very manageable by click, By clicking on start button you can start proxy setting and by click on stop button to stop proxy setting.

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