How to remove web page from google search

Here i am going to show you a very quick tip to remove your web pages from google search index and cache, Google automatically crawl web pages and indexed those pages in search result, You might not have aware about that google has indexed your some sensitive pages which you don’t want to show whole world, If you are already aware that may happen, you can create robots.txt file to tell search engine which pages need to crawl and which are not, But if you forgot to create robots.txt file and your sensitive pages has been indexed in google search and you want to urgently remove that pages then this quick tips is very useful.

google web master tools .

Step-1: Open google web master and login with your gmail id. go to:

Step-2.: After that you'll see your added website on dashboard, If you are using google web master first time then you you have to register your website with google web master see this link for more information Index your web page in google search just an hour
Step-3.: After that you'll able see your website on the web master dashboard now click on your website link.

Step-4.: After clicking on the link new dashboard will be opened where you can see your website analytic report, Go to the link on right panel Google Index => Remove URLs, Then new window will be open where you can see a button called Temporarily hide, click on it. a popup will be open where you have to enter full URL of the website and finally click on continue button.

Your link removal request will be sent to google and your link will be removed from google search almost 24-48 hour.

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