How to make money with amazon associate program – My Earning Proof

In the past I have talked about flipkart affiliate, book depository affiliate program which help me to make money online. Today I am going to talk about one more trusted affiliate program that is Amazon associate program.

As you know amazon is a very big e-commerce Margret place lot’s or individuals and companies are selling their products on amazon and making good amount of money. But if you don’t have your own product then no worry you can promote other’s product and you can get up to 15% commission by amazon associate program.

You can easily signup for amazon associate program depending on your website or blog traffic location because amazon running their associate program For multiple locations for example, if your target audience is in U.S., you should signup for Amazon U.S. Associate Program. If your target audience is from India, you should sign-up for Amazon India program.

Here I am going show you Amazon U.S. associate program and how to get start.

Step:1- Go to amazon us associate panel by clicking this link –

Step:2- Click on Join Now for Free button and Sign Up for new account fill all required details. Account approval process take 24-48 hours, be patience.

Step:3- After successful approval you’ll able see amazon associate dashboard with traffic and earning reports.

Step:4- Under Product Linking tab you can see lot’s of product promotion tools which can use in your website / blog or on your facebook fan page these tools help you to promote amazon products and maximize your earning.

My Amazon affiliate Earning Proof

I have started using amazon associate program in FEB 2017 and In just one month I earned $303.86, Amazon pay you NET60 bases means my FEB month earning I received in MAY month.
If you are NON-US person then amazon will pay you by cheque, I received my cheque with in 10 days and will take 22-25 days to credit on my bank account. One more important thing if you are Non-US person then amazon will hold 30% of your earning as tax withholding as per US government rules.

Here is the screen shot of my amazon affiliate earning I received from amazon.