Bulk SMS Api Integration in PHP

In this tutorial I’ll show you How to integrate Bulk SMS api in PHP. If you are running small or mid size business then promotion of your product and services is very important. You can simply promote your product and services by just sending bulk SMS on your targeted audience. Also you can use bulk SMS for notifications alerts and many more things.

What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS’ or ‘bulk messaging’ refers to businesses sending SMS to one or more recipients via automated software platforms.Bulk SMS can scale up to millions of recipients in the case of informational or promotional broadcasts. Alternatively, bulk SMS can also mean individual SMS sent to customers upon an action e.g. receiving an alert on credit card transaction. Both these activities can be easily carried out from bulk SMS platforms as they allow businesses to create, schedule, send and track SMS campaigns.

Here i am going to using best bulk SMS platform called Textlocal. Textlocal offers easy, powerful & self–serve messaging platform which makes it extremely convenient to upload & maintain contacts, compose media-rich SMS, and send bulk SMS. Textlocal also provides flexible APIs to integrate with any application/CRM. Our direct integration with multiple telecom operators and smart SMS gateway technology
Textlocal Features:
* Personalize your messages
* Schedule sends
* Track SMS Campaign Metrics in Real-time
* Multiple ways to send SMS
* Include File Attachments in Your SMS Campaigns
* Create Your Mobile Ticket, Voucher or Loyalty Card
* Receive SMS With Short Codes, Long Codes & Keywords
* Use our sample SMS API codes & start texting in minutes
* Send via App, Excel, Email

Send Bulk SMS via TextLocal Online Platform

1. Signup for a free Textlocal account
2. Buy SMS credits
3. Add or upload contacts
4. Compose your SMS in English or popular regional languages.
5. Easily enrich your campaigns – personalize with merge fields, insert short links, attach files, send surveys and more!
6. Schedule or send the message
7. Track real-time delivery reports and advanced campaign click reports

Send Bulk SMS via TextLocal API in PHP

1. Signup for a free Textlocal account
2. You will get 10 messages in your free trial
3. Download textlocal.class.php API class
4. You can use following sample code to send SMS using php

$textlocal = new Textlocal('username', 'hash');
$numbers = array(919999999999);  //mobile No with country code.
$sender = 'TXTLCL';
$message = 'hello how are you';
try {
    $result = $textlocal->sendSms($numbers, $message, $sender);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    die('Error: ' . $e->getMessage());

Your secure hash can be found within Messenger in the main navigation under “Help->All Documentation“.
Alternatively you can use the password parameter instead and use your Textlocal password in plain text.

Read full api documentation: http://api.textlocal.in/docs/