How to add google custom site search engine on your website

Here is very simple tutorial to add google custom site search engine on your website. Adding site search is a best way to give privilege to your visitor to search content or article in your website. Using site search visitor can easily search what they need on your website.

So for doing this, Google has provided a very useful tool , With this you can easily create a site search plugin with in a minute and integrate on your website without doing hug line of coding.
Note: Before integrating site search please must ensure that your website pages must index in google search. Other wise it’ll display no result.

For indexing your pages in google search you see these tutorials.
1. Index your web page in google search just an hour
2. How to make visible newly hosted websites in google search
3. How to create dynamic XML sitemap and submit to google web master for indexing

So lets start the tutorial step by step.

Step:-1 Click this link and you’ll see button Create a Custom Search Engine, For creating this widget you must log in your google account other wise you’ll see this button “Sign in to Custom Search Engine”. Click on it.

Step-2: After that you’ll see the screen, Where you need to fill some details like site name for which you need to create custom search engine and your native language etc. After filling all the required details click on Create button. See below screen shot for your reference.

Step-3: Now finally you’ll see the Get Code button, Click on it and you’ll get the some javascript code snippets, Copy it and paste where you want to display your custom search engine.
You can also use Control Panel to access more advance feature and customize your custom search box and result.


Hope this simple tutorial will help you to integrate google custom site search engine on your website.

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