30+ jQuery CSS MultiSelect Plugins

jQuery CSS MultiSelect Plugins – Are you looking for jQuery CSS MultiSelect Plugins, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked jQuery CSS MultiSelect Plugins for you. You might have seen or used multi-select dropdowns in web projects where a user may select multiple choices from the given set of options. In this tutorial, I am going to show you a jQuery CSS MultiSelect Plugins that not only allows selecting multiple options but the options are presented as checkboxes. So, a the dropdown is clicked, the options are opened with checkboxes. You can use these jQuery CSS MultiSelect Plugins in your next web based projects.

jQuery CSS MultiSelect Plugins

Following are the list of jQuery CSS MultiSelect Plugins.

Angular-UI Multiselect Checkbox Dropdown DEMO

 Angular-UI Multiselect Checkbox Dropdown

This is an Angular-based dropdown that displays checkboxes for multiselection. Links: – Blog – By long2know

React multiselect field DEMO

 React multiselect field

Add a react-based multiselect field to an existing form – By efollender

Campsite Registration DEMO

 Campsite Registration

Just playing around with dialog design in bootstrap. – By andy31415

Multiselect Checkboxes DEMO

 Multiselect Checkboxes

– By pramodkumarboda

Multiselect Dropdown DEMO

 Multiselect Dropdown

Conversion of multiselect plugin from bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 4 – By nathanfiscus

A multi-select dropdown. DEMO

 A multi-select dropdown.

Just another multiselect dropdown menu. – By conmarap

Multiselect Web Component DEMO

 Multiselect Web Component

How to Make Accessible Web Components — a Brief Guide http://www.sitepoint.com/accessible-web-components – By SitePoint

multiselect DEMO


– By waikit8

Multiselect (dropdown) DEMO

 Multiselect (dropdown)

Multiselect that expands etc. Event that fires on close summarising your selections – returns an Array – By cjonasw

Multiselect snippet DEMO

 Multiselect snippet

– By juanparido

Multiselect Dropdown Filter with Search DEMO

 Multiselect Dropdown Filter with Search

– By rustybailey

Multiselect from Dropdown DEMO

 Multiselect from Dropdown

– By juanparido

jquery Multiselect test DEMO

 jquery Multiselect test

– By renanpupin

selectize multiselect with bulma DEMO

 selectize multiselect with bulma

It’s a selectize multiselect. With bulma. – By i_cant_rap

Multiselect DEMO


– By BakerCo

React Checkbox MultiSelect DEMO

 React Checkbox MultiSelect

– By souporserious

Bootstrap MultiSelect DEMO

 Bootstrap MultiSelect

Responsive side by side multiselect list with Bootstrap and jQuery – By cassie3391

MultiSelect Angular Directive DEMO

 MultiSelect Angular Directive

Allows user to select multiple choices with the option of marking all available. Fully customizable via directive options – By kryo2k

jQuery-UI MultiSelect Widget testing DEMO

 jQuery-UI MultiSelect Widget testing

https://github.com/dirkpeter/jquery-ui.multiselect.widget http://dirkpeter.github.io/jquery-ui.multiselect.widget/demos/ – By dirkpeter

Multiselect pure JS DEMO

 Multiselect pure JS

– By chriteixeira

Multiselect drag DEMO

 Multiselect drag

How to create a draggable multi-select container. – By netgfx

Kendo – MultiSelect DEMO

 Kendo - MultiSelect

– By captianChaos

jQuery Multiselect Filter DEMO

 jQuery Multiselect Filter

– By ttntm

Bootstrap Forms DEMO

 Bootstrap Forms

Bootstrap Forms with password reveal – By muladamai

Accessible Multi-select List DEMO

 Accessible Multi-select List

– By rdmchenry

Bootstrap Multi Select Date Picker DEMO

 Bootstrap Multi Select Date Picker

– By ranjith555

Mobile Multi-Select Dropdown Menu DEMO

 Mobile Multi-Select Dropdown Menu

– By marv117

Select to Multi-select Dropdown DEMO

 Select to Multi-select Dropdown

– By mpare1987

Multi Select Menu Demo DEMO

 Multi Select Menu Demo

Quick demo of a multi select menu I’m fleshing out for a client. – By caesura

Better Multi-Select List in Vue.js DEMO

 Better Multi-Select List in Vue.js

An alternative way to do multi-select lists. Please note that this is not produtionte that this is not production-ready, a lot can be improved here so please don’t use it as is. – By martinstanojevic

Chosen Multi-select DEMO

 Chosen Multi-select

– By creativekinetix

Selectionator DEMO


Proof of concept, for a multi select widget – By maggiben

Multi-select jQuery UI calendar DEMO

 Multi-select jQuery UI calendar

– By darrentorpey

Multi select cards DEMO

 Multi select cards

– By andresgalante

Industry/Category Multi-Select Dropdown B 14012 DEMO

 Industry/Category Multi-Select Dropdown B 14012

– By ewiener

Tree multi-select (jsTree) DEMO

 Tree multi-select (jsTree)

– By alanbriolat

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